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All About Auctions provides a consultancy service which can assist your current business in making a plan to succeed. If business is not going as well as expected or you are looking to expand your business but not sure what steps to take, we can provide the guidance and advice to help your business thrive.

Buying a business in hospitality? Let us do an independent assessment of the business prior to purchase. This can assist you in making the right commercial decision. We look at current prospects, potential opportunities and the overall sustainability of the business.

If you currently run your own hospitality business and are seeking to improve the customer base, brand image or financial performance then this is the place for you. Our consultant can provide practical and professional advice for your business on a number of different levels.

Rob specialises in catering, building and growing his own catering businesses for the past 30 years he knows the catering industry inside out with great connections and networks throughout the industry. He has a great understanding of buying stock, food preparation and processes, customer acquisition and management, pricing tactics, catering equipment, legal challenges, and talent management. He is more than capable of analysing your business to see where improvements can be made.

If menus are something you believe needs a re-vamp then our consultancy is right for you. Rob can provide a fresh pair of eyes on what you currently offer, look at options and discuss with you the best changes that will suit your customer’s preferences and your budget.

Getting in touch with a consultant and using their knowledge and skills to your advantage is the perfect way to increase the profitability of your business. We can help you improve your brand appeal and presence within the catering industry with fresh thinking and innovative ideas that can help your business succeed.

If you are considering seeking advice then please give our consultant a ring to discuss your current situation, we are here to help! Alternatively submit your information below and we will be in touch.

Robert Blake – Catering Consultant – 027 492 4579

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