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All About Auctions provides a welcoming and professional buying atmosphere at both in-house and on-site auctions. Our team can provide you with independent advice on purchasing product through our auctions. Our general auctions happen every Thursday at 10.00am at our conveniently located auction house at 82 Leonard Road, Mt Wellington, Auckland. These are both live and on-line with pre-bidding available before the auction.  We also run on-site auctions at different locations around Auckland and throughout New Zealand. If you are interested in buying at Auction and seeing what deals are available you can sign up for our auction alerts. Our auction alerts will email you at least two days prior to an auction so that you don’t miss out on some huge deals!

How can I bid?


*  On-site, live at the auction

*  By placing a bid through the phone (call us on 09 579 7060 to set this up for you)

*  Placing absentee bids online or through the app.  This can begin as soon as a catalogue is published - generally every Tuesday by 6pm.

Bidding during the live part of the sale (this is every Thursday from 10am) through your mobile, tablet or via the  webpage:


Types of Auctions and Bidding

Every Thursday we hold inhouse/online Catering and General Goods Auctions.

Please Note:  In order to participate in any of our "Timed then Live" auctions you need to login and register for the auction in which you will be placing bids.  All auctions are distinctive events.  We hold weekly Catering Auctions and General Goods Auctions.  You will need to register for each individual event separately.

Our Auctions are a combination of  "Timed" then "Live".  The auction will be open for timed bidding by 6pm Tuesday.  At 10am Thursday timed bidding will stop and the live auction will begin from either Lot 1 (Catering) or Lot 250 (General Goods).  Any winning bids placed before the auction goes live will be carried over to the live auction

Live Auctions:  Bid during a live auction event from anywhere from your smartphone or tablet.  Simply log in, register for the sale and click on the "Join Auction" button and begin bidding.

Timed Auctions:  Timed auctions allow a single lot to be up for sale for a fixed time.  Place your maxium bid up until the time is up  If you have the highest bid at the time the auction ends, you win!  For best results check ten minutes before the sale ends to see if the time has been extended for further bidding.

Absentee Bidding:  Users have the ability to place bids on lots prior to the item going up for sale during the live event.  During the live sale bids will be placed on your behalf up to the amount designated in the absentee bid.    MAXIMUM BIDS CANNOT BE INCREASED AFTER 10AM THURSDAY.  YOU WILL NEED TO CONTINUE BIDDING LIVE.


If you would like to discuss your bidding method further please give us a ring on

09 579 7060


Looking for something in particular?

If you have a particular type of good in mind that you would like to purchase please give us a call to discuss. We can keep an eye out in the market for you and let you know when we find the goods!