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Selling at Auction

Our team encompasses a wealth of experience in the commercial auction industry. We run a large Auction house that is conveniently located at 82 Leonard Road, Mt Wellington, Auckland and offer on-site auctions throughout New Zealand and the southern hemisphere.

We have proven experience in various types of auctions and aim to achieve the highest possible result for your surplus goods. Our team has the capabilities to handle lots of any size at any location. The team at All About Auctions has also built strong relationships with many of the major insurance companies, liquidators and assessors across New Zealand.

Our Auction house and on-site auctions attract many different purchasers, and over the years we have built solid relationships with big buying companies as well as individual buyers. Our large customer base means your items will have the best chance of selling at the price that’s right for you. We advertise through traditional means as well as modern and innovative techniques to ensure we are marketing your product for the maximum number of potential buyers.

Auction House

All About Auctions run weekly auctions where many potential buyers arrive to see what is on offer. We create a welcoming but competitive auction environment to deliver the best results. If you are interested in using our Auction house service for your surplus goods please give us a ring or pop on down to our site in Penrose.

Cash Settlement

All About Auctions can provide a complete cash buy-out service for your goods. This service is where all the goods are bought by All About Auctions from the seller at an agreed price. This is the quickest way for you to get cash in hand. Please give us a call if you are interested in a complete cash buy-out service.


All About Auctions has the capabilities to run on-site auctions where the goods are currently stored. On-site auctions prove to be extremely successful as the presentation quality of the goods is generally very high. Our team has proven experience with on-site auctioneering and will ensure you receive the best outcomes for your surplus goods. Give us a ring on 09 579 7060 or fill out the online form below and we will be in touch within 24 hours.

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Associated terms and conditions

Goods will not be accepted for auctions that are of inferior condition however if you are unsure of your products condition/acceptability please give us a ring to discuss.

It is the vendor’s responsibility to offer the goods in a reasonable condition.

All About Auctions reserve the right to not accept goods that are not suitable for auction.